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The Outer Worlds – Which Are The Best Perks to Choose?

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Perks are your best way to specialize your character after creation further. You will receive a perk point every other level and can use them to purchase skills from a list in the menus. The choices span combat enhancements, more carry weight, faster run speed, and more. The choice really depends on how you want to play, but here’s a list of some generally advantageous suggestions:


  • Want to run solo? Choose the Lone Wolf and Soliloquy perks as soon as they’re available. This makes up for the critical lack of damage and skill bonuses you normally benefit from when running with a crew.


  • Didn’t invest in strength? You might find your noodly arms straining under the weight of accumulated loot sooner than others. Compensate by purchasing the Pack Mule perks and unlock the true potential of your pockets.


  • Picking Deadly Demonstrations early in the game allows you to glean the most bonus experience possible from your companions’ kills. The further along you are, the less desirable this one will seem.


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