Controls for Heat Death Survival Train - MGW

Controls for Heat Death Survival Train

Controls for Heat Death Survival Train

Here are the default keyboard and gamepad controls for Heat Death Survival Train on PC:



PC Keyboard Controls

  • Move Forward: W


  • Move Backward: S


  • Move Right: D


  • Move Left: A


  • Sprint: Left Shift


  • Jump: Space Bar


  • Torch: T


  • Crouch: C


  • Interact: Left Mouse Button


  • Open Build Menu: B


  • Scrap: V


  • Rotate Build: R


  • Confirm Build: Left Mouse Button


  • Cancel Build: Right Mouse Button


  • Show Inventory: Tab


  • Exit Weapon/Vehicle: E



Xbox Gamepad Controls

Controls for Heat Death Survival Train


  • Move / Sprint: Left Stick


  • Look / Torch: Right Stick


  • Jump: Left Bumper (LB)


  • Crouch: Right Bumper (RB)


  • Zoom: Left Trigger (LT)


  • Run: Left Stick Click


  • Inventory: View Button


  • Interact: Right Trigger (RT)


  • Pause: Start Button


  • Rotate Build: Y Button


  • Confirm Build: A Button


  • Cancel Build: B Button


  • Scrap: D-Pad Left


  • Build: D-Pad Right


  • Build Distance – Increase: D-Pad Up


  • Build Distance – Decrease: D-Pad Down


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