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Football Manager 2021 – How can I improve my player’s attributes and abilities?

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How can I improve my player’s attributes and abilities?

A player’s development is an inexact science but there are plenty of ways you can improve your chances of helping their progress:



–          Improved coaching staff

The better the coach, the more impactful their attributes are on improving a player. In general, the better the coaching attribute, the more effective it is on the player’s attribute development.



–          Improved training facilities

The standard of training facilities has an impact on determining the chances of a player’s attributes developing, how close to their potential they can get, and how likely they are to continue developing overall. Better facilities encourage a greater chance of a player realizing his true potential but, like everything, it isn’t wholly decisive in and of itself. It can also help the coaching staff develop too.



–          Playing time

A player with greater exposure to meaningful playing time will develop better than someone who isn’t playing quite as often. Playing first-team minutes is more valuable than playing reserve or youth team football, and a young player who stagnates from his teens into his 20s without starting to play regular football stands a higher chance of not being able to reach his potential.



–          Training

A player develops most through day-to-day training; his overall development is affected by the quality of the facilities and coaches, the team-mates he’s training with, the appropriateness of the schedules he’s given, whether he’s with the first team or any of the club’s sub-teams, and whether he’s tasked with additional individual work outside of the team’s sessions. The more of these that are met to as high a standard as possible, the quicker a player develops towards his full potential.



–          Mentoring

Young players can develop by working closely, during training, with a more experienced team-mate or team-mates within their squad. Their mental attributes and Player Traits are the only areas affected.


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