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The Pit: Infinity – Character Attributes Guide

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Character Attributes

The 3 Attributes that a character has are Might, Finesse, and Brains. Attributes affect a number of things, including Skill bonuses, maximum Food, how well a Character can fight off a Condition, and more.


Every 5 points in an Attribute increases all corresponding Skills by 1 point.




● Might affects the effectiveness of Melee weapons

● It also affects how well a Character can fight off Conditions like Disease; a lower level of Might means that Conditions are something that can easily kill

● Each point of Might will increase a Characters maximum Food by 10




● Finesse affects things like ranged weapon accuracy (through the Accuracy Reticle)

● It also affects several non-combat Skills, such as Lockpicking




● Brains affect the potency of Skills like the Medical, Foraging, and Computer skills

● It will also affect certain Skills in a future expansion!


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