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The Pit: Infinity – Multiplayer & Resurrection

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Multiplayer & Resurrection

Multiplayer has been added to The Pit: Infinity! You can now play with up to 3 people, and perish in The Pit together! The more Players you have in a game, the stronger the Monsters you’ll encounter, so be prepared! Only one of each Character class can be present in a Multiplayer game.




Players who die in combat are not a lost cause! Other Players can pick up the corpse of their comrades as an Item, which will appear in their Inventory. This corpse Item WILL slow you down, so be prepared. If Players are able to find a special Resurrection Room, they can bring their fallen friend back to life.



However, there are risks to being Resurrected. Depending on the outcome of the Medical Skill check, Players can lose an Item, points in their Stats or Skills, or all of those together. So make sure whoever is doing the Resurrecting knows their stuff!


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