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The Pit: Infinity (PC) Game Hotkeys

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Keyboard Shortcuts

A list of controls can be found in game in the Gameplay Settings under the Control Tab.


W → Move Forward

S → Move Backward

A → Move Left

D → Move Right

SHIFT → Sprint

Mouse → Aiming

Left-Click (LMB) → Fire / Swing Melee Weapon / Throw Grenade

Right-Click (RMB) → Zoom-in (Iron-sights)

Scrollwheel-click (MMB) → Pistol-whip (Melee Attack for Ranged Weapons)

R → Reload Weapon

Q → Switch Fire Modes for Ranged Weapons

TAB → Swap to Next Weapon in Inventory

1-0 → Hotkeys for Items / Weapons in Bar

E → Interact / Pickup Items / Confirm

F → Toggle Flashlight

I → Inventory Screen

C → Character Screen / Level Up

J → Sotsdex Screen

V → Enable Interaction/Combat Logging

M → Enlarge / Shrink Minimap

P → Open Personal Crafting


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