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The Pit: Infinity – Armour and Weapon Durability

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Armour and Weapon Durability

Every piece of Armour, and every Weapon has a set amount of Durability. The Durability degrades through use or through Monster attacks, and once it reaches 0 on a piece of Armour or a Weapon, they are permanently destroyed.


● Armour can be damaged by Monsters when they attack a Character.


● Weapons are damaged by use, or by certain Monsters like the Protean.


Armour and Weapons can be repaired by certain items, like Duct Tape, or by certain Props. So long as the Durability hasn’t reached 0, any piece of Armour or Weapon can be repaired.


However, it is very important to note that each repair will decrease the maximum durability of a piece of Armour or a Weapon.


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