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The Pit: Infinity – Crafting & Messages

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Crafting is now possible in The Pit: Infinity! The Crafting system revolves around the following 8 Materials:


● Organic Matter


● Exotic Materials


● Scrap Metals


● Scrap Electronics


● Molecular Adhesive


● Weapon Parts


● Raw Explosives


● Bindings


These materials are dropped by Props and Monsters, and can be combined to make a variety of Items, Armors, Ammos, and Weapons. Currently, there are a number of Recipes that the Player will know automatically, and thus can craft those Recipes. Some Recipes can be made in the Player’s inventory (activated by pressing ‘P’), while others can be made at certain Props, like the Cooker, or the Lab Station. However, most Recipes are locked behind Messages. Messages are strings of data found in certain Props that must be decoded by the Player in order to receive the information within. There are some Messages that contain Recipes, and others that do not.


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