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ATLAS Crafting Guide

ATLAS Crafting Guide

Resources & Gathering

Resources have a base type (such as Fiber or Metal) and a subtype (like Cotton or Cobalt). Here are subtype examples for some of the earliest resources you’ll find in the game. Freeports have only basic plant resources, but the rest of the world has rarer subtypes. Different subtypes are found in different biomes across the world.

Stone: Coquina, Granite, Limestone, Marble, Sandstone, and Slate.


Fiber: Bamboo, Cotton, Hemp, Jute, Seaweed, Silk, and Straw.


Wood: Agedwood, Darkwood, Ironwood, Lightwood, Softwood, Strongwood, and Wetwood.


– To gather resources like plants and stones on the ground, simply approach them and press the E key.


– To gather resources like wood, hit a tree with your fists (that is until you can make and use a hatchet instead).


– Tools like hatchets (for wood), picks (for stone), and sickles (for fibers) gather resources more efficiently.



Crafting Items

The vast majority of the items you’ll use in ATLAS need to be created from scratch: either by yourself or another player. You must have the corresponding blueprint for an item before you can make it.


– To craft something, open your inventory tab and select one of the blueprints in the lower-left section.


– You can craft one item, craft a specific amount, or craft all (as many as possible given your supply of raw materials).


– If you trigger several crafting jobs in quick succession, they’ll be placed in a crafting queue and your character will complete them in the order you started them.


– If a blueprint’s text is grayed out, then you don’t have the necessary materials to make it.




Blueprints are like recipes for items you can craft. They give you an ingredient list for each object you can make.


– To see your blueprints. check the lower-left part of the Inventory tab.


– You obtain more blueprints by leveling up and choosing skills that have blueprints associated with them.


– You can also find blueprints for higher-tier versions of certain items by exploring the world.


– Certain blueprints need to be crafted at a specific Crafting Station (such as a Smithy) instead of in your inventory. These blueprints will only be available to craft when interacting with the required crafting station.


– If a blueprint’s text is grayed out. then you don’t have the necessary materials to make it.



Some blueprints require not only higher quality resources, but also a specific variety of resources to complete.


– Advanced blueprint requirements are listed as “variety” times “amount.”


– For example, a blueprint with a thatch requirement of “2 x 10” would require you to collect two different types of thatch (such as bark and fronds) in an amount of 10 each to complete that requirement.


– Blueprints you find in the world have a limited number of times you can craft them before the blueprint disappears (which is tracked in the top left part of the blueprint).


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