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ASKA Metalworking Guide: Mastering the Art of Crafting

ASKA Metalworking Guide: Mastering the Art of Crafting


The Iron Age

  • As your tribe develops, you will eventually be able to start crafting metal tools and weapons.


  • Metal weapons and tools are stronger and can be reforged after breaking.


  • You will need Iron Ore and Coal to start smelting and smithing.


  • Iron Ore is found in caves which need to be mined.



Necessary Industry

The Loop

  • Coal Maker: Burns Firewood to produce Coal.


  • Cave Entrance: Allows you to mine for Iron Ore and Stone.


  • Bloomery: Uses Firewood to smelt Iron Ore into Iron Blooms.


  • Metalworker (Workshop Addon): Allows you to craft metal parts from Iron Blooms.



Finding Caves

Over the hills and far away

  • There are several caves scattered across the island.


  • They can be recognized by a very large and specific type of rock.


  • Cave entrances will glow when using the Resource Finder.


  • Build a Cave Entrance on top of the cave rock.


  • Villagers will need Pickaxes and Torches to go into the mine.


  • Breaking cave walls will yield Iron Ore and Raw Stone.



Coal Making

Over the hills and far away

  • You will need to build a Coal Maker to start making Coal.


  • Coal Makers burn Firewood.


  • Coal Makers first build a pyre, then cover it, then set ignite it.


  • Coal Makers make local residents unhappy, make sure to build it away from your houses.




Get smelting

  • The Bloomery allows you to smelt Iron Ore into Iron Blooms.


  • The Bloomery consists of a Kiln, Bellows, and Anvil.


  • Kiln: Where Iron Ore and Coal are mixed to create Iron Blooms.


  • Bellows: Used to control the temperature of the Kiln during the smelting process.


  • Anvil: Where the Bloom Block is hammered clean of Slag, from which Iron Blooms are obtained.



The Kiln

Ratio matters

  • To use the Kiln, first deposit Coal and Iron Ore in it.


  • Make sure to use a high coal to ore ratio.


  • The more Iron Ore you have, the longer you need to keep the Kiln burning.


  • The more Coal you have, the longer the fire will burn.


  • Light the fire and go to the Bellows.



The Anvil

It’s hammer time

  • The Hot Bloom Block will need to be hammered.


  • Use a hammer to remove all the Slag from the Bloom Block.


  • Slag shows as black deposits on the Bloom Block.


  • When a side of the Bloom Block is clean you will get a specific sound cue.


  • Rotate the Bloom Block and repeat the process on all sides.


  • Once the Bloom Block is completely clean of Slag, wait for it to cool down and retrieve the Iron Blooms from within.


  • If the Block cools before it’s cleaned or if the temperature wasn’t ideal during the bellowing phase, some of the Iron Ore will turn to Slag.



The Metalworker

The end of the journey

  • The Metalworker is a Workshop Addon that allows you to craft metal tools, weapons, nails, and other metal materials.


  • You will need Iron Blooms made by the Bloomery.


  • The Metalworker consists of an Anvil, a Forge, and a Water Trough.


  • Heat the Iron Blooms in the Forge. You will need Coal.


  • Once heated, go to the Anvil and select the recipe you want.


  • Once selected, a hot glowing version of that item will show up on the anvil, all covered in Slag.


  • Similarly to the Bloomery, hammer the Slag away, turning the hot item on all sides.


  • Once the item is clean, send it to quenching. This will cool the item and finalize the process. Make sure the Trough has water.


  • Congratulations, you have produced a metal part, be it a blade or a plate.


  • Finally, go to the Workshop’s crafting table and craft metal tools using your new metal parts.



First Iron Tools

Where to start?

  • The first metal tools you should probably make are the Iron Axe and the Drawing Knife.


  • The Iron Axe allows you to chop down Birch trees for Hardwood.


  • The Drawing Knife allows you to process Hardwood Logs and Long Sticks into Beams and planks.


  • Beams and planks are necessary to access the best buildings in the game and they allow you to build boats.


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