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ASKA Farming Basics: A Beginner’s Guide

ASKA: Farming Basics

How to Farm in ASKA

Build a Crop!

  • Your first task after constructing a farm is to build a crop.


  • To do this, navigate to the Farm Menu and select Build Farm Crop.


  • You can construct up to 3 crops with a maximum of 16 squares each per farm.


  • If you change your mind while determining the best placement for the crops, simply press the L key (last action). This will reactivate the crop-placing function without needing to select it again from the Farm Menu.



Tilling, Planting, and Harvesting

  • Ensure at least one crop farm field is built.


  • Assign a worker to the field.


  • Make sure the worker has a functional rake.


  • Note: You’ll need various seeds depending on the current season. Some seeds may be unavailable if they are out of season.



Assigning a Specific Task to a Farmer

To assign a farming task:


  • Go to the Task Menu and select the Crop Farm field.


  • Select the seeds (even if the seeds are currently missing, the task can still be created).


  • Check Repeat Task if you want your villager to perform this action repeatedly.



Tips & Tricks

  • Constructing a well nearby is highly advisable…


  • Start gathering seeds as soon as possible. Store them in the warehouse, in the seed storage.


  • Spoiled food transforms into compost. Use it to accelerate the farming process.



Cooking House

Discover new recipes!


  • The Cooking House is the most efficient way to prepare food in ASKA; satisfying thirst & hunger while keeping settlers happy.


  • There are many discoverable recipes. Use the Crockpot to discover new recipes by changing ingredients and quantities.


  • Villagers can only receive tasks for discovered recipes.


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