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ASKA: Warehouse Management Guide

ASKA: Warehouse Management Guide


Storage Buildings

Managing resources in ASKA is super important. You can set up storage systems with customizable rules, storage configurations, and supply routes to handle everything…


  • The first thing you have to do is to build a Warehouse.


  • You can find the Storage category in the Build Menu. Look for the icon with the barrel and boxes.


  • From this menu, you will be able to build the Warehouse, all individual Storages, and the Market.



The Build Menu

  • Once you open the Storage category, look for the Warehouse.


  • Before you can build anything from this menu, you’ll need to construct the Woodcutter’s Pit, Stonecutter’s Pit, & Gatherer’s Pit.



Building the Warehouse

  • The Warehouse itself is just a platform for other storages.


  • The Warehouse won’t work on its own without Storage structures.


  • You will have to open the Build Menu again, select, and construct one of the various types of storage structures.



Storage Structures in ASKA

  • Each resource has its own storage structure.


  • Storage structures dictate what resources a particular Warehouse will be able to store and what resources the Warehouse workers need to fetch.


  • This extremely granular system gives you very fine resource management controls.


  • What resource storages you decide to build is entirely up to your own logistical needs.


  • Each resource storage structure caters to the resource it’s meant to store.


  • In ASKA, resources are always displayed in the game world. Storages will always show you exactly how many resources you have of any particular type.


  • Storage Structure interactions: deposit resources, open the storage menu of that particular storage, and view tasks involving the warehouse workers.


  • Resource storage structures need to be placed on the Warehouse itself, on a grid, similar to furniture.



Customizing Warehouses

  • Warehouses can hold any combination of resources as long as the appropriate resource storages are built.


  • You can specialize a Warehouse and use it for a particular set of resources, for instance; Wood resources, like Sticks, Longsticks, and Logs.


  • You can also mix storages and get something more akin to a central warehouse.




  • Like any other building, you can assign Villagers to work at the Warehouse.


  • The Warehouse Worker will search for the resources which can be stored at the Warehouse they’re currently assigned at.


  • If you want your Warehouse Workers to fetch a particular resource, make sure you build the appropriate storage structure.




Fine Resource Control is crucial


  • You can select which Villagers have access to particular resources.


  • This allows you to stockpile resources or only allow particular crafters to use a resource.




Moving Goods

  • You can send resources from one Warehouse to another using the Market.


  • The Market allows you to task SLED and CART workers to MOVE GOODS, effectively creating TRADE ROUTES.


  • ROUTES enable you to CONNECT DISTANT WAREHOUSES between them; making it possible to create and supply far-reaching outposts.


  • A common use case is sending food from the central village to a mining outpost, or sending fish from a shoreline fishing village to an inland village.



Using the Market

3 CONDITIONS need to be met in order to establish a successful route in ASKA:


  • You need two warehouses that have the same storages. For example: if you want to send Logs from Warehouse A to Warehouse B, both Warehouses need to have Log Storage–both Warehouses also need to have workers assigned to them.


  • You need a Market and assign a worker to it, & assign a cart or a sled to the worker.


  • You need to create a route from the task menu.



Creating a Route in ASKA

After you assign a worker to the market, you need to create a route from the Task Menu. You have to:


  • Select 2 WAREHOUSES (from/to).


  • ASSIGN A VILLAGER to work the route.


  • Select a VEHICLE (carts or sleds).


  • Select RESOURCES TO BE SENT. This is limited by the size of the vehicle.


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