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A Guide to “Back 4 Blood” Split Screen Options – How it works?


Does Back 4 Blood has any split-screen gameplay mode? Here we explained everything you should need to know.


Back 4 Blood, a recently released game, is trending on Google because of its Split Screen Options, as players worldwide want to know if the game supports split-screen play. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t feature anything like that, but it doesn’t mean the said option can’t be released in the future. Back 4 Blood comes with First-person Shooter and Survival-Horror genres at its core, supporting both Single-player and Multiplayer modes. It is released for Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PC.



Gameplay seems identical to Left 4 Dead.

It seems Back 4 Blood borrows lots of elements from the most popular title, Left 4 Dead, as both are offering 4-player co-op mode and support 8-player in the Player versus Player (PvP) arena. The game premise of the game focuses on Multiplayer functionality, and it offers a replayability option. The newly introduced feature is Cards that help players in creating their deck to adjust different aspects of the gameplay, including the following:


  • Damage


  • Health


  • Stamina


Furthermore, the AI Director can use the “Corruption Cards” against players of his choice to hider the progress. Apart from that, the AI-driven enemies can activate a fog effect, enlarge the size of hordes, and summon extra enemies. Moreover, the game is set in a stunning location where a newly found parasite causes the outbreak.



Back 4 Blood Split Screen Co-op Options

Although the game focuses on co-op and social slaying of undead creatures, most players from worldwide are eager to know whether they can enjoy local couch co-op, aside from the online Multiplayer. Therefore, we jump in to answer the following question with some possibilities when the option will be live to everyone.




In simple words, currently, Back 4 Blood doesn’t have any Split Screen option or any other co-op capabilities. The unavailability of said features doesn’t mean they can’t be introduced to the game. The hope rises when players have started to ask the developer about the Split-screen Feature on the social media platform “Twitter.” In a Twitter response, the developer responded:


Unfortunately, you’re right! I can’t answer that yet, but we do hear you and everyone else who wants it. Stay tuned!



Learn How to Play Back 4 Blood with Buddies

Following the developer’s response, it seems the only way to play with buddies in Back 4 Blood is only possible soon; however, you can try out the game’s multiplayer options that bring players close to each other when they come to PvP and Co-op modes. In short, all game modes are supported, excluding Couch Co-op and Split-screen mode. Furthermore, you will be kept up to date as new information about split-screen becomes available; in the meantime, enjoy playing the game with other players on different devices.


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