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Age of Water PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Age of Water PC Keyboard Controls Guide

If you ever got hooked on Kevin Costner’s Waterworld back in ’95, you’ll be pumped to hear there’s now a game on Steam that’s totally in that vibe… It’s called Age of Water and it absolutely nails those end-of-the-world, everything’s-flooded feels.


Imagine sailing through storms, fighting or trading with others, capturing or building your own boats, diving for resources at the bottom of the sea & digging into the secrets this watery world’s got to offer… And hey, for those times when you’re scratching your head, trying to remember how to do something in the game, I’ve got you with a guide to all the default PC keyboard controls & keybindings… Make sure to bookmark it, so you can reference it easy anytime you need:



All PC Settings



PC Keyboard Controls

  • Move forward: W


  • Move backward: S


  • Turn right (starboard): D


  • Turn left (port): A


  • Move forward at half speed: Left Ctrl + W


  • Move backward at half speed: Left Ctrl + S


  • Toggle movement:


  • While in constructor mode, raise the camera: Space


  • While in constructor mode, lower the camera: Left Shift


  • Interact with objects or use them: E


  • Fire your current weapon: Left Mouse Button (LMB)


  • Select Weapon Group 1: 1


  • Select Weapon Group 2: 2


  • Select Weapon Group 3: 3


  • Select Weapon Group 4: 4


  • Select Weapon Group 5: 5


  • Use all weapons simultaneously: 6


  • Boost your speed: Left Shift


  • Reload your weapon: R


  • Zoom in with the camera (hold): Right Mouse Button (RMB)


  • Zoom in with the camera (press):


  • Open the ship’s menu: Tab


  • Open the cargo hold: I


  • Open the constructor: B


  • Customize weapon groups: O


  • Access the crew menu: T


  • Open the friends list: K


  • Craft items: C


  • Repair your ship: F


  • Open the map: M


  • Access the journal: J


  • Open text chat: Enter


  • Activate the device menu:


  • Open the weapon menu:


  • Open the communication menu:


  • Prepare for battle (all hands on deck): Space


  • Activate the dredge or fishing rod: P


  • Drop anchor: Backspace


  • Activate the distiller: Y


  • Use the echo sounder: U


  • Use the translocator: H


  • Access consumables: Q


  • Send emojis: X


  • Sound the horn: O


  • Play a musical horn: Left Ctrl + O


  • Initiate self-destruction: Z


  • Use push-to-talk for communication: Right Ctrl


  • Turn your fishing rod right: D


  • Turn your fishing rod left: A


  • Launch bait or haul in a fish: Space


  • Choose your bait: R


  • Choose your prebait: G



In-Game Control Scheme (PC Keyboard & Xbox Gamepad)

Age of Water PC Keyboard Controls Guide Age of Water PC Keyboard Controls Guide


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