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Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition PC Keyboard Controls

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The following are the default Dragon Age: Origins – Ultimate Edition PC Keyboard and Mouse Commands and Controls. Whether you’re in the main menu or in-game, you can change your control settings. From the options menu, select the Controls setting.



PC Keyboard Controls and Key Bindings

General Controls



Quick save F5
Quick load F9
Highlight objects TAB
Hide main interface V
Take screenshot PRT SCN
Character record C
Journal J
Inventory I
Skills K
Spells/Talents P
Area map M
World map N
Tactics Backslash
Main menu ESC



Movement & Camera



Run forward W
Rotate camera left A
Run backward S
Rotate camera right D
Run left Q
Run right E
Rotate camera up Home
Rotate camera down End
Zoom in Pg Dn
Zoom out Pg Up
Pan (zoomed out) Arrow keys
Toggle run/walk / (num pad)



Combat Controls



Pause Spacebar
Use quickbar ability 1-0
Swap weapon sets /
Party move/hold H
Select full party =
Select one character F1-F4
Select many characters SHIFT + F1-F4


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