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Dragon’s Dogma 2 PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Dragon's Dogma 2 PC Keyboard Controls Guide

In the open-world game scene, it’s rare to jump from one adventure to another without a hitch, but Capcom nails it by blending all those beloved gameplay elements… Dragon’s Dogma 2? Totally rocks with its intense combat, the thrill of exploring, & those unforgettable moments. It’s like a nod to the golden days of gaming, where finding secrets & sharing them with your crew was the whole point. This game’s a tribute to veteran gamers, stuffed with nostalgia & discoveries. Might not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially the new generation used to more guided games like Assassin’s Creed.


And this guide right here? Lists all the PC keyboard controls & keybindings for Dragon’s Dogma 2—a real lifesaver for a quick catch-up.



PC Keyboard Controls & Key Bindings

  • Press W to move forward.


  • A makes you step left.


  • Use S to move backward.


  • D for stepping right.


  • Shift is your dash button.


  • Hit Space to jump.


  • F lets you examine things.


  • Look up by pressing I.


  • J moves the camera left.


  • Press K to look down.


  • L for looking right.


  • Reset the camera with the Middle Mouse Button.


  • 1 commands your pawn to go.


  • 2 calls them back to you.


  • Use 3 to ask for help.


  • 4 tells them to wait.


  • A quick Left Mouse Button click for a light attack.


  • V is your heavy attack.


  • Right-click (Right Mouse Button) for special actions.


  • Ctrl switches weapon skills.


  • E to grab things.


  • Throw with a right-click (Right Mouse Button).


  • X sheathes or draws your weapon.


  • T for a quick health boost.


  • G replenishes your stamina.


  • R toggles your lantern.


  • B opens the items menu.


  • P for the pause menu.


  • Press Tab to view the map.


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