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Grounded PC Keyboard Controls Guide

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The list of default key bindings for the most important functions and actions in the game is displayed here and can be changed to suit your preferences.



All PC Settings



PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

General Controls

  • Move Forward: W


  • Move Backward: S


  • Strafe Left: A


  • Strafe Right: D


  • Swim Up: Space


  • Swim Down: Ctrl


  • Turn Left: Arrow key left


  • Turn Right: Arrow key right


  • Look Up: Not assigned


  • Look Down: Not assigned


  • Autorun: N


  • Jump: Space


  • Interact (Use): [Not assigned]


  • Interact (Cancel): [Not assigned]


  • Attack: Left mouse click


  • Block: Right mouse click


  • Throw: R


  • Sprint: Shift


  • Crouch: Ctrl


  • Glide: Shift


  • Equip Previous: Q


  • Camera Mode Toggle: U


  • Push to Talk: Alt


  • Toggle Trail / Backpack Markers: Y



User Interface Controls

  • SCA.B Menu: Tab


  • Inventory Menu: I


  • Crafting Menu: C


  • Map Menu: M


  • Building Radial: B


  • HotPouch Radial: V


  • Ammo Radial: L


  • Emote Radial: H


  • Quick chat Radial: T


  • Executables Radial: Z


  • Next Page: E


  • Previous Page: Q


  • Next Tab: D


  • Previous Tab: A


  • Next Radial Page: E


  • Previous Radial Page: Q


  • Equip Item: F


  • Drop Item: Z


  • Consume Item: Space


  • Inspect Item: O


  • Repair Item: R


  • Item Actions: W


  • Assign HotPouch Slot: Enter


  • Unassign HotPouch Slot: X


  • Chat: Enter


  • Transfer Item: R


  • Take All: W


  • Narrate Mode Info: Num /


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