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Le Mans Ultimate PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Le Mans Ultimate PC Keyboard Controls Guide

If you’re all about that keyboard life like me, even taking on racing games with just your keyboard and mouse then you’re in for a treat. We’ve put together a guide detailing every default keyboard command for Le Mans Ultimate. With a ton of keybinds and controls to keep straight, you’re gonna want to bookmark this page. It’s your perfect pit crew for a quick tune-up on the commands whenever you need it.



PC Keyboard Controls & Keybindings

Driving Controls:

  • Steer left: COMMA


  • Steer right: PERIOD


  • Accelerate: A


  • Brake: Z


  • Clutch: CTRL


  • Shift up: ALT


  • Shift down: SPACE


  • Neutral gear: K


  • Change camera:


  • Request pitstop: E



Camera Selection:

  • Driving Cameras: Insert


  • Look left: S


  • Look right: D


  • Look behind: B


  • Onboard cameras: HOME


  • Tracking cameras: PAGE DOWN


  • Swingman camera up: KP 8


  • Swingman camera down: KP 2


  • Swingman camera left: KP 4


  • Swingman camera right: KP 6


  • Zoom in: KP 9


  • Zoom out: KP 7


  • Camera reset: KP 5



MFD Navigation:

  • Next page: ENTER


  • Navigate up: UP ARROW


  • Navigate down: DOWN ARROW


  • Increase setting: RIGHT ARROW


  • Decrease setting: LEFT ARROW



System Functions:

  • Speed limiter: L


  • Headlights: H


  • Ignition: SEMI


  • Wipers: SINGLE_QUOTE



Gameplay Features:

  • Skip formation lap: BACKSPACE


  • Pause simulation: P


  • Time acceleration: X


  • Instant play: R


  • Take screenshot: F12


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