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Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection Controls Guide

Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection Controls Guide

When I was little, I dreamed of becoming a zookeeper… Sounds cliché, I know I know. But, like many kids, I had that thought after visiting my first zoo—not surprising, huh? And then over time, the dream faded away. Luckily, we have zoo management games to make our old dreams come true, right?


Well, time passed by and gaming became a serious industry. We even have games now where we can manage dinosaurs, like Jurassic World Evolution 1-2. If you are not into dinos and are more into living creatures from our current time, the Zoo Tycoon series is another great one. Their latest installment, 2018: Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection, offers over 200 stunning animals from around the globe. You get to design and manage your ideal zoo and, of course, take care of all of your awesome animals.


In this quick guide, we list all the necessary hotkeys and keyboard controls you need to know. After all, zoo management games are also serious strategy games, so knowing hotkeys is crucial. We also have a video that shows all the PC settings you need to know as well as info on what resolutions the game supports, language, control settings, and more for the curious.



All PC Settings



PC Keyboard Controls & Hotkeys

  • Confirm: Space | Enter


  • Cancel: C | Backspace


  • Delete photo | Delete savefile: Delete


  • Sort savefiles | Reset keyboard mapping: F


  • Up: W | Up


  • Down: S | Down


  • Left: A | Left


  • Right: D | Right


  • Exit menu: Esc


  • Up | Move Forward | Accelerate (Buggy): W


  • Down | Move Backwards | Brake and Reverse (Buggy): S | Down


  • Left | Steer Left (Buggy) | Previous Item: A | Left


  • Right | Steer Right (Buggy) | Next Item: D | Right


  • Interact | Build: Space | Enter


  • Exit Buggy | Exit Interaction: C | Backspace


  • Ping | Call Buggy | Switch to Face Mode: F | Num 3


  • Next Ping Type: X | Num *


  • Previous Ping Type: Z | Num /


  • Open Start Menu: Esc


  • Open Notifications: Ctrl | Home


  • Open Challenges: R | End


  • Open Crises Menu: G


  • Show Description: Shift | Right Shift


  • Zoom In | Scroll Up: Num 8 | Page Up


  • Zoom Out | Scroll Down: Num 5 | Page Down


  • Rotate camera left: Num 4


  • Rotate camera right: Num 6


  • Switch Between Zoo View and Tycoon View | Switch Path Editor Mode: Tab | Insert


  • Reset Camera Position: Alt | Right Alt


  • Return to Zoo Entrance: ” | Num 2


  • Open Zoo Menu: 1 | Num Del


  • Bring Up Camera | Enter Path Editor Mode: P | F12


  • Handbrake (Buggy): B | Num 0


  • Mirror camera (Buggy): Num 1


  • Switch Camera Mode (Buggy): M


  • Horn (Buggy): H


  • Rotate Construction Left: Q | Num 7


  • Rotate Construction Right: E | Num 9



Xbox Gamepad Controls

Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection Controls Guide


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