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MMORPG Tycoon 2 – Stats Guide

MMORPG Tycoon 2 - Stats Guide

Stats in the game come in a few different forms, with the first one being encountered at the game setup. After selecting your game icon and name, you are confronted with the option to put points into the 5 primary game stats, which affect the game in a few ways.





Astroturf adds to the advertising power of your game. Advertising in your game helps generate more players, who typically generate more subs which gets you more money. So if you use an advertisement to get more players in one way or another, you will have a much larger response if you have more points into Astroturf.




A game of Fluff offers more to the exploration and theme of the story, otherwise known as Lore and Story. This stat has a great response with adventure players who play for the story of your world. The more you have of this stat, the better experience those players will have within your game.




Hugs increase the socializing of a game. So if you have casual players or social players, this will reinforce their experience playing because it gives a more social setup for your game.




A games Bling gives your game something to show off, either with loot or achievements for your players. This skill helps make those hardcore players more things to show off and achieve. This would be the stat those hardcore raiders would go after in whatever MMO you have played.




Gibs in a game add to the combat prowess of gameplay. It makes fighting more fun and enjoyable with every skill in this stat. This would be the equivalent of going from a normal swinging strike to a fiery strike that puts a blood effect on a target.


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