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Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts: Ship Ammunition Guide

Ultimate Admiral: Dreadnoughts: Ship Ammunition Guide

Ship Ammunition

Depending on the armament, the ship’s ammunition can be customized in the following ways:




Selecting the explosive material for your shells is critical because it affects not only the overall firepower but also the safety of your ship. It may be tempting to use the super explosive “Lyddite” to devastate your enemy with powerful HE shells. Still, its extremely unstable nature can result in uncontrollable fires or even a detonation if your own ships do not adequately protect the magazines.



Ammo Rounds:

For both guns and torpedoes, ammunition can be set to “Decreased,” “Standard,” or “Increased.” This setting is especially useful for fine-tuning your ship’s weight distribution.



Shell Weight:

Gun shells can be classified as “Light,” “Standard,” “Heavy,” or “Super Heavy.” This setting not only affects total weight but also has a significant impact on your ship’s combat effectiveness. Lighter shells have a higher muzzle velocity, a slightly higher reload rate, a much lower risk of detonation, and require much less storage space. Their disadvantages are lower penetration, shorter range, less damage, and a steeper trajectory at long range.



Torpedo Diameter:

Researching torpedo technology will allow you to select heavier torpedoes that cause more damage. The trade-off is not only the increased weight and cost of torpedo launchers but also the increased risk of detonation.



Torpedo Propulsion:

As technology improves the general torpedo characteristics, three options for torpedo propulsion can be selected: “Standard” (the default), “Fast,” and “Electric.” “Fast” increases torpedo speed while decreasing range, stealth, and accuracy, whereas “Electric” increases stealthiness and accuracy while decreasing range and speed.


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