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Town of Salem 2 PC Keyboard Controls Guide

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So, you’re vibing with the 2014 classic Town of Salem, huh? That game was a game-changer; it literally spawned a new genre and got followers like Feign, Epic Mafia, and Throne of Lies, all trying to catch the magic… Fast forward almost a decade, and bam! Town of Salem 2 kicks in the door, bringing that chaos to a new level with Apocalypse Faction and these sick new roles. But while the game’s leveled up, what about the controls? They’re still straightforward. We’ve got the essential keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys right here for quick reference.



Default Key Bindings

  • Keyboard Up: W


  • Keyboard Down: S


  • Keyboard Left: A


  • Keyboard Right: D


  • Last Will: L


  • Death Note: T


  • Friends: F


  • Graveyard: G


  • Role List: R


  • Chat: C


  • Notes: N


  • Player List: P


  • Roledeck: K


  • Game Options: O


  • Interact: E


  • Role Card: B


  • Chat Log: U


  • Close: ESC


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