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STORY OF SEASONS: Friends of Mineral Town Cheats

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Easy Money Through Horse Racing

What do you need

  • Large rucksack by Spring 18/Autumn 18


  • Funds as much as you can


  • Empty you rucksack


  • Huang Selling Feature (4 tone/heart as requirements to unlock this feature)


There will be a total of three races at the festival. While the first race has static odds, the remaining second and third race’s odds are random. Therefore, your job is to reload your game until the horse you bet wins the race when the odds are high. The most optimal result you are looking for is winning 20x or above odds. Such cases are rare, and you may find yourself doing this for the next hour or two.


A slightly easier way to assure the horse you bet can win is to bet on those who are 2nd lowest in terms of odds. As proven in the screenshot way above, it is still possible to receive 20x odds this way. Otherwise, you can also settle for 10+ odds. You will earn lesser, but that will save you a lot of time.



I have the vouchers, now what?

The first two items you need to buy from Thomas during voucher exchange are Gem of Truth and Power Berry. Close the dialogue, and talk to Thomas again for voucher exchange. In this round, you will find Dress within the exchange list. Purchase as much Dress as you can.


Sell all the dresses to Huang one by one. Huang will be buying them for 11,700 ~ 12,700G each.



All Power Berry Locations

The location of 10 Power Berries are:


  • 4 Hearts on Goddess (continuous gift offering for ten times)


  • Tilting grounds within the farm


  • Exchange coupon during Horse Racing Festival


  • 100th Floor of Spring Mine


  • 19th Floor of Lake Mine


  • Behind the Lake Mine (during winter)


  • Fishing in the ocean during winter with any Fishing Rod


  • Champion (1st prize) in Horse Racing Festival


  • Champion in Beach Festival (Pet)


  • Purchase in Supermarket (appears after purchase of Large Bed through Gotts)


As for the special Power Berry (blue color), you may receive it after offering ten cucumbers to the Kappa (once a day), which can be easily achieved during First Spring.


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