ASKA: Guide to Taming and Raising Pets - MGW

ASKA: Guide to Taming and Raising Pets

ASKA: Guide to Taming and Raising Pets

Getting a Pet


  • You can tame Wulfar and raise them to be loyal companions for you or your Villagers.


  • You first have to build a Kennel.


  • You then have to locate a Wulfar Den and plant a Trap with meat in it next to the den.


  • After some time, the trap will catch a Pup.


  • The trap needs to be taken to the kennel and deposited.


  • The kennel will need to be supplied with meat. A villager can also be tasked with feeding the dog.


  • The pup will eventually grow into a Dog.


  • Dogs can be given various commands, like guarding or following.



The Kennel

Getting Started

  • The first step is building the kennel. It can be found in the build menu under Defenses.


  • Before you can build the kennel, you’ll need to build a Hunter’s Hut.


  • Once the kennel is built, locate a den, craft a Wolf Pup Trap and plant it close by the den.



The Wulfar Den

ASKA: Guide to Taming and Raising Pets


Catching a Pup

  • Wulfar dens can be found randomly across the land.


  • They won’t appear too close to the shipwreck, so make sure you explore further away from the starting point.


  • They appear as massive overgrown pale rock formations surrounded by Wulfar.


  • Place the trap relatively close to the den and make sure meat is deposited in it.


  • You don’t have to necessarily defeat the Wulfar beforehand, but they might attack the trap.


  • Check on the trap after a minimum of one in-game day.



The Pup

ASKA: Guide to Taming and Raising Pets


Raising a Companion

  • Once a trap catches a pup, you’ll be able to pick it up like any large object.


  • Once your trap catches a pup, pick up the trap and take it back to the kennel.


  • A small pup will show up in the kennel. They will take time and care to grow into dogs.


  • The kennel features a dog food storage where either Raw Red Meat or Fish Meat need to be deposited.


  • Make sure the kennel is well supplied with food and in due time your pup will grow into a dog.


  • You can check on the pup’s progress by looking at the orange bar displayed under its name.



The Dog

ASKA: Guide to Taming and Raising Pets


Your New Best Friend

  • Dogs have a variety of interactions and commands:


  • A dog menu allows you to check the dog’s status and rename them.


  • Add to party: Makes the dog follow you. You may toggle between aggressive, defensive, and evasive stances.


Aggressive Stance: The dog will actively pursue and engage nearby enemies until the threat is eliminated.


Defensive Stance: The dog will engage local threats, but will return when getting too far away from you.


Evasive Stance: The dog won’t engage targets.


  • Dogs will search for food when hungry and also check the kennel for meat.


  • Pet: You can pet your dog, healing them. Make sure to check on your dog often!


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