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The Last of Us Part II – Sightseer Trophy Guide

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Before starting, you must get the “Map Of Seattle” artifact collectible. The first opportunity to find it is in Chapter 8: The Gate. When you reach the overgrown highway at the start of Chapter 8, a construction trailer is on the left side. It has the map in a drawer (if you miss this, it will respawn at the end of Chapter 8 in the trailer with the power generator you need to turn on). Next, advance to Chapter 9: Downtown, where this trophy takes place. Chapter 9: Downtown (Seattle – Day 1) is the largest open world chapter in the game. In this chapter, you will have a map that you can open at any time with the Touchpad. Ellie will circle it on the map with a blue question mark whenever you enter an explorable location. There are 10 total locations, and you need to visit all of them for the trophy. View the following image to see what the finished map should look like to get the “Sightseer” trophy (visit all ten blue “?” question marks).


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The red numbers on the map show the order they were visited in the video below. The only locations that need to be explored to have them checked off the map are Ruston Coffee (northernmost building) and Barkos Pet Store (you get the key from the bathroom in Ruston Coffee). Also, for the Courthouse to count, you have to enter it through the window; just marking it on the map will not count. For any of the other locations, going near them and having them circled on the map is enough — no need to explore them. If you still have issues with this trophy, replicate the steps from the video below. Note: Some players are reporting issues of this trophy not unlocking despite having been to each location and even having fully explored them all. Possible reasons could be the order you visit them in or from which direction you approach (as this can lead to different dialogue). However, it is easily fixed by replaying the chapter (using Chapter Select or in New Game+) and visiting all locations again.



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