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Serious Sam 4 – Level Achievements Guide

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Level Achievements

  • Regression – Beat “Man vs Beast”


  • Ecclesiastical Extraction – Beat “Death From Above”


  • Roman Holiday – Beat “Death from Below”


  • Volcano Antagonizor – Beat “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”


  • Hot Hot Hot – Beat “Gates of Hell”


  • All Roads Lead to Rome – Beat “The Die is Cast”


  • Are You Not Entertained? – Beat “Morituri te Salutant”


  • La Nonna E Mobile – Beat “When in Rome”


  • Holy Diver – Beat “Machina Ex Deus”


  • Harvest Noon – Beat “Breakfast in France”


  • See Carcassone And Die – Beat “One for the Road”


  • The Informant – Beat “Viva la Resistance”


  • Class Reunion – Beat “In Carcassone”


  • The Last Human – Beat “Anathema Unto God”


  • Oils Well That Ends Well – Beat “The Package”


  • From Earth With Love – Beat “From Earth with Love”


  • Serious Sam – Beat every level on any difficulty.


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