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Metro Exodus: Sam’s Story – Cheats & Secrets

Metro Exodus: Sam’s Story - Cheats & Secrets

All Diary Collectibles Locations

Sam’s Story Diary 1 Location: Note to Korzh

The first diary can be found in the after you get the boat and reach the first building you need to explore to find the Captain. The diary can be found next to the corpse near an open window on the second floor. Hard to miss this collectible as you have to walk past the corpse to reach the room with the night vision in it.



Sam’s Story Diary 2 Location: Absence Note

Head to the school marked on the map with 2 and make your way inside it. On the ground floor of the school, you will find a music room next to the stairs. On a desk inside the music room, there is the Absence Note. Also, note the Music Sheet 1 on the wall next to the piano.



Sam’s Story Diary 3 Location: Survivor’s Note

Inside the apartment building, you need to search to find the Captain. Follow the stairs up to the top of the building. Walk along until you reach a room with a mutant with its back turned to you. Take a left and head into the kitchen to find this diary on the window sill in the kitchen (in the same room as pole you need to climb down to reach Captain).



Sam’s Story Diary 4 Location: A note from Korzh

Once you rescue Captain you will ride in his boat to a building to deal with a pesky sniper and some bandits. Inside the first building make your way to the ladder and go up it to reach the second floor. In the first room, you enter on the second floor is this diary.



Sam’s Story Diary 5 Location: Company Charter

The Company Charter can be found inside the safe at the Car Dealership. To open this safe you need to speak to the two Locals that are brothers. Both of these NPCs will tell you their portion of the safe code. Open the safe to get this collectible.



Sam’s Story Diary 6 Location: Engineer’s Note

This diary can be found inside the bandit hideout on the way to the Fire Depot. Climb the ladder up into the window here and you will find it on the small fridge to your right.



Sam’s Story Diary 7 Location: A note from the Boss

This diary can be found inside the T shaped building you ride the boat through along the way to the Fire Depot. Inside this T building, there is a dock with a crate on it. On top of the crate is A note from the Boss. You need to dock your boat here to use the gas and electricity to kill the monsters in the water.



Sam’s Story Diary 8 Location: Tail’s Diary

Once you have the boat from the bandit overlook make your way towards the Fire Depot along the river. As you travel you will see a medical building on your right. Go inside the building and make your way to the roof to find this diary by the guitar.



Sam’s Story Diary 9 Location: A Guard’s Journal

When you land at the Fire Depot make your way up to the bus here to access the safe room. Here you will find the Diary 9 sitting inside the bus.



Sam’s Story Diary 10 Location: Boss’ Notice

You will find this diary inside the Fire Depot. Grab the suits and make your way to the top portion of the Fire Depot before the roof. Opposite the stairway, you will see the diary on a table.



Sam’s Story Diary 11 Location: Seryi’s Note

Along the way to find the Captain stop in the old abandoned building at 11 on the map to find this final Diary. The diary is sitting on a bench beside a workbench in the buildings back room.


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