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Metro Simulator PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Metro Simulator SCREENSHOT 002

Are you planning to jump into the world of Metro Simulator? If so, here are the default ”Metro Simulator” keyboard controls that can help you get started with the game. Like any other PC game, you can modify these default controls by going to the settings section of Metro Simulator.



Controls & Hotkeys

Here are the default PC controls:




Forward & Reverse W & S
Action on hover Mouse0
Select right doors т
Select left doors R
Open right doors G
Open left doors F
Close doors E
Reverse LeftControl
Change camera C
Play recording !
Vigilance U
Free camera: up Up Arrow
Free camera: down Down Arrow
Free camera: left Left Arrow
Free camera: right Right Arrow
Emergency braking P
Sit down/stand up Return
Batteries B
Headlights L
Change cabin N
Horn Space
Cancel Escape
4K Screenshot Home
Fast screenshot PageUp
Braking cancellation Z
Step forward W
Step back S
Step right D
Step left А
Show/hide cursor Backspace
Ahead-1 F1
Ahead-2 F2
Ahead-3 F3
Ahead-4 F4
Idle F5
Brake-1 F6
Brake-2 F7
Brake-3 F8



PC Keyboard Control Scheme

You can also refer to the controls screenshot below:






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