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Tank Mechanic Simulator PC Keyboard Controls Guide

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PC Keyboard Controls & Shortcuts

Here you will find a listing of the various Game Controls available for use and assignment in Tank Mechanic Simulator. You can re-map these controls to other keys to suit your preferences.




Toggle Grinding Mode – X

Toggle Painting Mode – X

Toggle GPR Screen Mode – X

Toggle Compass – K

Place Marker – M



Offroad Vehicle

Throttle – W

Brake – S

Turn Left – A

Turn Right – D

Exit Vehicle – F

Handbrake – X

Toggle Radio – R

Toggle Camera – C

Toggle Engine – E

Toggle Lights – L



Proving Grounds

Free Camera – X

Switch Ammo Type – X

Shoot Primary Weapon – Left Mouse Button

Shoot Secondary Weapon – Right Mouse Button




Flashlight – L

Highlight Interesting Objects – G




Radial Panel – R

Tablet – T

Console – é or Tilde

Open Tutorial List – F1

Support – F2

Toggle Controls Hint – H



Other Controls

Examine Mode – E

Tank Interior – I

Assembly – 1

Disassembly – 2



Tool Belt

Rust Removal Tool – 3

Sand blaster – 4

Paint gun – 5

Hammer – 6

Angle Grinder – 7


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