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Mech Mechanic Simulator – Accepting Jobs & Job Types – Guide

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Accepting Jobs & Job Types

The first tab you will see when you access the computer will show available/pending jobs.


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There are several types of jobs…


1. CONTRACT– you enter into a contract with a specific mech company. During the contract, you will be tasked with working on between three and five mechs. After you complete half of the contract, you will receive a “milestone reward.” Once all of the contracted mechs are repaired as requested, you will be paid for the full contract. If you fail your tasks on one of the mechs, your reward will be reduced by 50%. If you fail two or more, you will receive a “significant” reduction to reward and reputation. ***If you are running low on cash and do not want to take out a loan, I suggest that you not accept contracts. You may find yourself in a pinch where you have run out of funds, but still, need to buy new parts to fulfill the job and reach at least the milestone/halfway to get paid. Have at least $20,000 in your account before you take on a contract. Also, contracts do not receive a bonus for company stock as single jobs do.


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2. SINGLE JOB– you agree to repair a single mech for one of the three main mech companies or the shady Cyb3r M3ch (black market faction). Each job will have main tasks and additional tasks. You only need to complete the main tasks to fulfill the job successfully. Additional tasks may be completed for increased reputation gain (and in my experience, do not give you more money). Additional tasks also result in you replacing parts that are not broken with brand new ones; therefore, you will have parts in your inventory which you can then use in other jobs. The higher your reputation and prestige rating (maximum prestige rank is 10), the more lucrative the jobs offered to you.


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3. TIME-LIMITED JOB- single job in which you have a time limit. You will see a star and deadline on the page where you choose to accept the job. The progress bar/timer will be displayed in the top left corner of your screen. *Note: If you complete the job after the time runs out, you will not fail it or lose any money. You will simply not receive the bonus.


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4. DYNAMIC TASKS JOB– same as single job except one or two more tasks are added the list of what you need to do while you are working on the mech. These begin to pop up later in the game and it’s easy to not realize that you are working on one. A small orange exclamation point will briefly appear in the top left corner of your screen when a new task is added. Just pay attention to the list of things required for your current job (TAB by default) before you submit it by clicking “finish.” You will get a nice bonus if you complete one of these jobs.


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5. CYB3R M3CH JOB (black market)– same as single job except these will also give you Tier 0, Tier 1, or Tier 2 access codes or tokens to use for accessing the black market for parts or mechs. Jobs for this faction appear as grayed out in the job selection list and the text of the job in the preview is jumbled up letters/numbers.


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Each job will have main tasks as well as additional tasks. Additional tasks are optional. They require you to replace a part that is not broken with a brand new one. It may be 82-98% quality. In the early game, it is not worth it to do the additional tasks as you will be spending a lot of money on the new parts. Of course, you get to keep the part you removed, which can be used to fulfill another job later, but whether or not that is worth it, I will let you decide for yourself. Additional tasks do not give you any bonus money. What they do give you is added reputation (where a job with just the core tasks will give you 2-3 points of reputation, completing the additional tasks may give you one more reputation point per extra task. My suggestion is to hold off on doing additional tasks until you have about $200,000 worth of stock in the company you will be doing the job for. That way, your purchase of the new replacement parts will be covered by the 10% or roughly $20,000 you will receive as a bonus per contract. **If you feel like being a shady mechanic, you can also trick the customer into thinking you replaced the part with a new one by moving it over from the other side (for example, part of the left arm onto the right arm) of the same mech. The client doesn’t seem to care and checks off the checkbox. You end up not spending any money on new parts.



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