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F1 2020 – Types of Tyres and Compounds

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At each Grand Prix every team is given access to two specifications (or compounds) of dry-weather tyre. Unless conditions are wet, drivers must use both specifications during the race. “S” stands for soft tyres, “M” for medium tyres, “H” for hard, “I” for intermediate and “W” for wet tyres. C1 means compounds 1 where C1 is the hardest and C5 is the softest.


Super Softs – These tyres have the maximum amount of oil in them and provide excellent grip. Hence they are the fastest set of tyres. They deteriorate really quickly and don’t last long.
Mediums – These are the optimum tyres to complete majority of the race on. They provide the perfect balance between speed and durability.


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Hards – These tyres provide very less grip but last really long. Typically used for 1 stop strategies.


Intermediates – A variant between hard and full wet tyres. To be used when the track is slightly wet. Faster than full wets.


Full Wets – These tyres have full treads and are only to be used when it is raining or the track is really wet. Will deteriorate really fast if used in dry conditions.


Over the race weekend, each driver has access to 13 sets of dry-weather tyres (seven of the harder ‘prime’ specification and six of the softer ‘option’ specification), four sets of intermediate tyres and three sets of wet tyres.


The other information regarding tyre change are not necessary for the game since they are automatically changed every session.


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