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Madden NFL 22 Passing Guide – How to Pass and the Different Types of Passes

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How to Pass, Different Types of Passes

Even if you know your playbook inside out and are an expert at reading the field it is still essential that you master all five of the different passes and know when to use them. You can make several passes in Madden NFL 22, and here is the proper layout and combination of controls for each pass on PC, PS4 & PS5, and XBOX.



Pass to Receiver Q, E, F, R, or Spacebar A, B, X, Y Cross, Circle, Square, Triangle
Throw Ball Away X R3 R3
Lob Pass Pass Key (Tap) Tap Receiver Icon Tap Receiver Icon
Bullet Pass Pass Key (Hold) Hold Receiver Icon Hold Receiver Icon
Touch Pass Pass Key (Double Tap) Press Receiver Icon Press Receiver Icon
High Pass ALT or MMB (Hold) Receiver Icon + Hold LB Receiver Icon + Hold L1
Low Pass LCTRL or LMB Receiver Icon + Hold LT Receiver Icon + Hold L2



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