Madden NFL 21 Ball Carrier Controls Guide


Ball Carrier Controls

These controls are similar to the way they have always been, but the game mechanics are a little different. The Real Player Motion physics allow you to make more precise cuts and change direction in a hurry. If you lay off the acceleration button and save the bursts of speed for when you make cuts, you’ll find you make many more yards as a running back and can even leave defenders grabbing at air.


Action PS4 & PS5 Controls Xbox One & Xbox Series X Controls
Stiff Arm X A
Dive X
Spin O B
Hurdle Y
Precision Modifier/Hesi L2/Tap L2 LT/Tap LT
Pitch L1 LB
Sprint R2 RT
Protect Ball R1 RB
Truck R Stick Up R Stick Up
Stop Juke R Stick Down R Stick Down
Juke Left R Stick Left R Stick Left
Juke Right R Stick Right R Stick Right



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