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Madden NFL 21 Passing Controls Guide

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Passing Controls

Mastering the passing game will lead you to victory in Madden NFL 21, but it will take some time and skill. You can make several different types of pass in Madden NFL 21. Bullet passes (Hold receiver icon) are for times when there is no defender between you and the receiver. It’s a fast and direct ball thrown by the quarterback. This is ideal for out routes and screens.


Action PS4 & PS5 Controls Xbox One & Xbox Series X Controls
Low Pass Receiver Icon + Hold L2 Receiver Icon + Hold LT
High Pass Receiver Icon + Hold L1 Receiver Icon + Hold LB
Bullet Pass Hold Receiver Icon Hold Receiver Icon
Touch Pass Press Receiver Icon Press Receiver Icon
Lob Pass Tap Receiver Icon Tap Receiver Icon
Scramble L Stick + R2 L Stick + RT
Pump Fake Double Tap Receiver Icon Double Tap Receiver Icon
Throw Away Press R Stick Press R Stick



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