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Madden NFL 21 Passing Controls Guide

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If you want to win at Madden NFL 21, you’ve got to get good at passing—it won’t be easy, but it’s worth it. The game has a bunch of different ways to throw the ball. For instance, if there’s no one standing between you and your guy, go for a bullet pass—just hold down the receiver’s icon. It’s a quick throw straight from the quarterback, perfect for out routes and screens.



PS4 & PS5 Controls

Xbox One & Xbox Series X Controls

Low Pass Receiver Icon + Hold L2 Receiver Icon + Hold LT
High Pass Receiver Icon + Hold L1 Receiver Icon + Hold LB
Bullet Pass Hold Receiver Icon Hold Receiver Icon
Touch Pass Press Receiver Icon Press Receiver Icon
Lob Pass Tap Receiver Icon Tap Receiver Icon
Scramble L Stick + R2 L Stick + RT
Pump Fake Double Tap Receiver Icon Double Tap Receiver Icon
Throw Away Press R Stick Press R Stick


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