Tank Mechanic Simulator Cheats - MGW

Tank Mechanic Simulator Cheats

Tank Mechanic Simulator Cheats

Secret Achievement

You’ve found an ancient treasure.


Other Achievements

Rookie mechanic

You’ve finished Your first contract!



Now it will work.

You’ve repaired an element.



Lift it up

You’ve moved a tank module from tank.



Put it back

You’ve put a tank module back on the tank.



Need a little help here…

You’ve called the towing service.



Rookie digger

You’ve extracted Your first tank!



To have or not to have

You’ve bought an element.



Hop in!

You’ve entered the tank.



What do we have here?

You’ve found the tank with shovel!



I have a better place for You.

You’ve switched tank position.



Freeing up some space

You’ve sold an element.



It’s show time.

You’ve moved the tank to the museum.



Advanced mechanic

You’ve finished Your 10th contract!



Rookie cutter

You’ve cut off Your first element!



Rookie smasher

You’ve hammered Your first element!



Don’t panic

You’ve failed Your first contract.



Making the world green.

You’ve recycled an element.



Make a stash.

You’ve taken a loan.



You’ve found a WW2 treasure!

Small dream come true!



One burden less.

You’ve paid off a loan.



Tigers new teeth

You’ve fully renovated Tiger I



Derp tank

You’ve fully renovated KV-2



Wild cat

You’ve fully renovated Panther



Infantry support

You’ve fully renovated Sdkfz 251



Rudy 102

You’ve fully renovated T34-85



Tough guy

You’ve fully renovated M26 Pershing



Stug life

You’ve fully renovated Stug40 Aufs. G



Make tanks great again

You’ve fully renovated Sherman M4A3E8



It’s not scrap metal!

You’ve fully renovated KV-1



Lovely side skirts

You’ve fully renovated Panzer III M



Open top

You’ve fully renovated M10 Wolverine



Russian bias

You’ve fully renovated T34-76




You’ve fully renovated Panzer IV G




You’ve fully renovated Panzer III J



Expert mechanic

You’ve finished Your 25th contract!



Advanced digger

You’ve extracted Your 10th tank!



Advanced cutter

You’ve cut off Your 50th element!



Advanced smasher

You’ve hammered Your 50th element!



Here’s Your place!

You’ve mounted a prop into a tank.



Expert cutter

You’ve cut off Your 100th element!



Expert smasher

You’ve hammered Your 100th element!



Expert digger

You’ve extracted Your 25th tank!



The Best cutter.

You’ve cut off Your 500th element!



The Best mechanic.

You’ve finished Your 50th contract!



It’s bad.

You’ve failed Your 10th contract.



The Best smasher.

You’ve hammered Your 500th element!



The Best digger.

You’ve extracted Your 50th tank!



It’s even worse now.

You’ve failed Your 25th contract.



Rookie renovator

You’ve renovated Your first tank!



Advanced renovator

You’re renovated Your 10th tank!



Expert renovator

You’re renovated Your 25th tank!



The Best renovator.

You’re renovated Your 50th tank!



Bail out.

You’ve failed Your 50th contract.


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