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Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 – How to Customize Your Garage

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How to Customize Your Garage

Follow these simple steps;



Step 1: Installing required DLC

Before you launch cms18, there is a certain DLC you have to install, but don’t worry; It’s free:


Now, once that is downloaded, the DLC should be automatically enabled, so now you can start up the game!



Step 2: Upgrading the Garage

So now, in order to use the DLC, you have to 1st upgrade to the 3rd part of the garage, or if you’re in the sandbox, you can just click on the upgrade garage in the toolbox and then go to where the wielder is, and go past it. You should see a ladder with a small toolbox and paint buckets, which is how you can now customize your garage. Have fun!



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