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Assassin’s Creed Mirage PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Assassin's Creed Mirage PC Keyboard Controls Guide

Below is the complete list of keyboard controls and shortcuts available for Assassin’s Creed Mirage on PC.



All PC Settings





  • Move Forward: W


  • Move Backward: S


  • Move Left: A


  • Move Right: D


  • Freerun Up/Swim Up: Spacebar


  • Drop Down/Crouch/Dive: C


  • Sprint/Lunge/Gallop: Left Shift


  • Walk: Ctrl


  • Follow Road: Z


  • Auto Movement: Z




  • Focus Camera: Mouse Wheel


  • Cinematic Camera: Enter


  • Camera Up: Up Arrow


  • Camera Down: Down Arrow


  • Camera Left: Left Arrow


  • Camera Right: Right Arrow



Gameplay Actions


  • Primary Interactions: E


  • Eagle Vision: V


  • Pickpocket: E


  • Whistle: X


  • Call Mount: X


  • Dismount/Disembark: C


  • Pass Time: K



Assassin’s Focus

  • Assassin’s Focus: R


  • Select Target: Left Mouse Button


  • Execute Assassination: Spacebar




  • Call Enkidu: B


  • Place Marker: Left Mouse Button


  • Remove All Markers: C


  • Stationary Mode: Right Mouse Button


  • Boost: Spacebar


  • Hide Icons: E


  • Region Panel: R




  • Reorient: X



Combat Controls


  • Light Attack: Left Mouse Button


  • Heavy Attack: Shift + Right Mouse Button


  • Assassinate: F


  • Parry: Q


  • Kick Back: E


  • Dodge/Roll: ALT


  • Heal: H


  • Lock Target: Middle Mouse Button




  • Tools Wheel: G


  • Aim: Right Mouse Button


  • Throw: Left Mouse Button


  • Torch: T


  • Trap: 1


  • Smoke Bomb: 2


  • Noisemaker: 3


  • Blowdart: 4


  • Throwing Knife: 5



General Hotkeys/Shortcuts

  • Tools: U


  • Skills: Y


  • Inventory: I


  • World: M


  • Contracts: TAB


  • Investigation: O


  • Codex: P


  • Performance Panel: F1


  • Photo Mode: F3


  • Quick Save: F5


  • Quick Load: F9



Default Control Scheme

Assassin's Creed Mirage PC Keyboard Controls Guide


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