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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Ranged Skills Guide

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Ranged Skills

In AC Valhalla’s skill tree, Ranged Skills form the right and bottom part of the tree. Below are all the Ranged skills that can be unlocked from the Skill tree.


Bow Stun Finisher

Allows you to perform bow stun finisher by pressing RS/R3 on a stunned enemy.


Emergency Aim

Allows you to snap your aim to an enemy detecting you, allowing you to kill them without being detected.


Bow to Melee Link

Allows you to switch between a melee and bow weapon for extra damage for a short period.


Sprint Attack

Allows you to perform a sprinting attack using R1 (while sprinting).


Hunter Bow Combo

Increases arrow draw and release speed.


Arrow Reinforcement

Allows you to recollect your used arrows from dead enemies.


Stealth Adrenaline

While in stealth, gain Adrenaline by looting a chest or pick-pocketing in a restricted area.


Stealth Recon

Allows you to highlight enemies when crouched.


Battleground Bolt

Allows you to pick the nearest discarded weapon on the ground and throw it at an enemy.


Charged Shot

Allows you to fire fully charged arrows with the Hunter Bow. The attack cannot be canceled.



Allows you to regenerate red part of the health bar by dealing melee hits on enemies.


Last Chance Healing

Will slow down time when health reaches a critical level.


Adrenaline Upgrade

Increases 1 Adrenaline slot.


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