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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Melee Skills Guide

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In AC Valhalla’s skill tree, Melee Skills form the top part of the tree. Below are all the melee skills that can be unlocked from the Skill tree.




Stop on a fallen enemy by using RT/R3.



Dual Swap

Allows you to swap the dual-wielded weapons using RT+RS/R2+R3



Perfect Attack

During a weapon swing, press RB/R1 to deal increased damage on the next hit.



Parry Damage

If you successfully parry an enemy attack, it will deal damage to the enemy.



Adrenaline Fiend

Gain a damage boost and attack speed boost when one or more adrenaline slots are filled. Your Effect is enhanced when more slots are filled.



Arrow Volley

Hold and release RB/R1 with a light bow to discharge all loaded arrows at once. However, each volley of arrows costs stamina.



Warrior Takedown

Takedown an unaware enemy with your melee weapon by using R2. It will alert all enemies around you but will fill your adrenaline for everyone one of them.



Sprint Bash

Allows you to break objects and knock down enemies when sprinting.



Adrenaline Upgrade

Increases 1 Adrenaline slot.



Berserker’s Mettle

During a fight, the enemy’s first blow will not affect your partially filled adrenaline bar.



Light Bow Combo

Light bow’s continuous shots will deal extra damage.



Battlefield Cremation

One of the dead enemies will continue burning, resulting in damage to enemies in proximity.




Stun finisher will scare off nearby enemies.



Heavy Dual Wield

Allows you to wield dual heavy weapons. It will also change the stats and handle style of each wielded weapon.


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