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Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate PC Keyboard Controls

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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate offers a thrilling journey into the misty streets of Victorian London, a captivating chapter in this iconic series. Navigating this immersive world using a keyboard and mouse may prove challenging, but there are those of us who welcome such a test (or perhaps we just don’t have a gamepad at hand). If this resonates with you, consider this guide a trustworthy companion. We focus exclusively on PC controls, outlining all the default keyboard commands for you.



Default Key Bindings


  • Forward: W


  • Backward: S


  • Left: A


  • Right: D


  • Run: Left Shift




  • Rope Launcher: R


  • Medicine: Q


  • Whistle: T


  • Stealth: C


  • Move Camera: Mouse Movement


  • Free Aim: Right Mouse Button


  • The Rooks Control: X


  • Interact: E


  • Quick Use: F


  • Eagle Vision: V




  • Light Attack: Left Mouse Button


  • Heavy Attack: Right Mouse Button


  • Stun: Spacebar


  • Counter: E


  • Break Defense: Q


  • Tool / Firearm: F



Weapon Selection:

  • Tool 1 (Throwing Knives): 1


  • Tool 2 (Smoke Bomb): 2


  • Tool 3 (Revolver): 3


  • Tool 4 (Hallucinogenic Dart): 4


  • Tool 5 (Galvanic Bomb): 5




  • Open Map: M


  • Open Progression Log: F1


  • Open Inventory: F2


  • Abilities: F3


  • Gang Upgrades: F4


  • Crafting: F5


  • High Profile: G


  • Pause/Unpause: Esc




  • Accelerate: W


  • Brake/Reverse: S


  • Turn Left: A


  • Turn Right: D


  • Handbrake: Spacebar


  • Ram: Right Mouse Button


  • Get off: E


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