ASKA - Ultimate Combat Guide - MGW

ASKA – Ultimate Combat Guide

ASKA - Ultimate Combat Guide

Combat Hotkeys

Learn the moves


Before you engage in combat, get familiar with the controls:


  • Dodge: LEFT SHIFT + W, S, A, D


  • Block (requires shield): Hold Q


  • Shield Bash (requires shield): LMB while holding Q (blocking)



Weapon Types

A weapon for each occasion


  • One-Handed Weapons: Fast hitting, allow you to wield a shield or torch in the off-hand.


  • Two-Handed Weapons: Slower and more powerful, allow you to quickly overwhelm and stun your enemies.


  • Bows: Ranged combat weapons that require arrows to be drawn before firing. A targeting reticle indicates where the arrow might fly. The better the bow, the tighter the reticle.


  • Shields: Worn on the off-hand. Can be used to block and bash enemies. Prevents damage to the wielder at the expense of durability.



Stamina Management

Pace yourself


  • Attacking uses up stamina. Heavier weapons and heavy attacks use the most stamina.


  • When out of stamina, your character will perform an exhausted attack, which is slower and can’t be chained.


  • Running out of stamina will also render your character unable to dodge.


  • Make sure you pace your attacks and never lose track of your stamina!



Stunning Enemies

Line ’em up and knock ’em down


  • Enemies can be stunned by dealing enough damage quickly.


  • Each enemy type has a different stun value. Some are easier to stun than others.


  • After an enemy’s stun bar is depleted, they’ll be stunned.


  • Hitting a stunned enemy with a heavy attack will knock them down and deal critical damage.


  • Some enemies can also knock you down! Be wary of heavy and special attacks.



Weapons Versus Tools

Not made in the same image


  • Weapons deal more damage to enemies than tools.


  • They also can’t be used to harvest resources, like chopping trees or breaking stones.


  • The first craftable weapons are the Flimsy Club, Flimsy Two-Handed Club, Flimsy Bow, and Flimsy Shield.


  • Make sure you start manufacturing iron in order to get access to superior weapons and armor.



Shield Combat

Offensive defense


  • Shields allow you to block. To block, hold Q while a shield is equipped.


  • When blocking, damage is transferred to the shield instead of the wielder.


  • When blocking, knockdown attacks will only knock you slightly back.


  • Shields lose durability when blocking attacks.


  • When a shield’s durability reaches 0, it breaks.


  • You can perform a shield bash if you LMB while holding block.



Bow Combat

Nock, draw, loose, reload


  • Remember to equip arrows before trying to use the bow.


  • To fire a bow, you must first draw it by holding LMB.


  • Holding the bow drawn consumes stamina.


  • Ranged weapons feature a targeting reticle. The higher your skill and the better the bow, the more accurate the reticle will be.


  • To zoom in, hold RMB.


  • Arrows can be retrieved and used again.


  • There are different types of arrows, just as there are different types of bows.



Villager Combat

Better part of valor!


  • Villagers will try to avoid combat and will get spooked by monsters and beasts.


  • They will run to their home and will only engage if their house is under attack.


  • You must rely on trained warriors or your own skills to keep your workers safe.


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