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Hegemony III: Clash of the Ancients – Combat Units

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Combat Units

  • Advanced units often require you to construct upgrade buildings in a city before you can train them. When changing a unit’s home, the new city must also have the buildings to support it.


  • Your defeated units will live to fight another day! When a unit is defeated, it will return to its home city and begin recruiting new soldiers to fill its ranks. This way, defeated units are able to retain their experience and their officers.


  • If a unit without the required attributes becomes stuck in the marshes when they are impassable, they can still leave the area but suffer a debuff to their speed and morale.


  • Gold is paid to your units as an ongoing expense. If you no longer have enough gold to pay them, their morale will drop and they will eventually disband or rebel.


  • Combat units gain experience that can be used to promote officers to improve the unit’s stats and unlock new abilities.


  • Forced march allows units to travel quickly through the safe territory. This ability can be unlocked by promoting officers or attaching generals with the Forced March attribute.


  • A general’s attributes only apply to the unit he is merged with or to the camp/city he is assigned to. Only one general may be in charge of a unit or building at a time.


  • Troops within a territory will automatically draw food from all buildings within the territory. If they leave the territory they will automatically try to fill their packs to provide them with supplies in the field.


  • The food a unit carries is only meant to feed them during travel or through a quick encounter. For protracted engagements, you should construct a camp and set up supply lines to support your units.


  • If your units are cut off from food, you can resupply directly from a food-producing resource building such as a farm by holding down the right mouse button and picking Scavenge from the context wheel.


  • Scavenging food will damage the resource building in proportion to how much food is taken. If the building becomes too damaged it will no longer be able to support the scavengers.


  • Stances determine how a unit will behave in combat. Battlelines will try to hold formation, while skirmishers will swarm the enemy. Units in ranged stances will try to avoid direct combat.


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