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The Last of Us Part II – All Unlockable Weapons and Holsters Guide

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Over the course of your adventures in The Last of Us Part Two, you have the chance to find several additional weapons and weapon holsters if you know where to look. Both long and short weapons can be quickly swapped between once you find makeshift holsters – otherwise you’ll have to pause for a moment to reach into your backpack to pull them out. Here’s a quick overview of where to locate them:


  • Revolver – You can’t miss this weapon, as it’s tied to progressing the story as you prepare to leave Jackson in Chapter 1.


  • Pump Action Shotgun – When exploring Downtown Seattle during Chapter 2, look in the southeast corner for the ruins of bank, and explore it to find the combination to the bank’s vault. Inside you’ll find the body of a bank robber still holding a shotgun.


  • Long Weapon Holster – Also found in Downtown Seattle in Chapter 2, there’s a pet shop with a locked door in an alleyway near 6th and Marion street. In order to find the key, look for a coffee shop at the corner of 5th and Spring street, and enter the bathroom to locate the key. Once inside the pet shop, search the far room to locate a leash that can double as a holster.


  • Short Weapon Holster – This item seems to usually be found when exploring the Hillcrest neighborhood in Chapter 3. Once you reach a long street after passing through a bicycle shop, you can search the alley on the left for a garage to an auto shop swarming with Infected. They’re guarding a safe (and the combination can be found in a note across the street in a restaurant’s kitchen) and once you unlock the safe, you should find the holster within.


  • Bow – You’ll get this weapon automatically as you progress through the Hillcrest region in Chapter 3, though you’ll need to fight off its previous owner first.


  • Hunting Pistol – Once you reach Chapter 6’s On Foot section, you’ll be making several detours through abandoned warehouses and a building housing a large boat. Once on the other side, you can check out a nearby trailer that holds a note regarding a nearby safe, and the clue to its combination (search the walls for a winning lotto number). Crawl through a hole in the low building across from the trailer to find the safe in question, and open it to get the incredibly powerful and precise pistol.


  • Double Barrel Shotgun – When in Chapter 6’s Hostile Territory section, you’ll be making your way through a Chinatown section, starting with a narrow street lined with shops on both sides. Look on the right to find an antique shop that you’ll need to drop down into from above (after jumping the gap from the other side of the street). Fight off the infected in the shop full of vases, and then look behind the counter for a shotgun stashed in case of emergency.


  • Short Weapon Holster – Also located in the Hostile Territory section, there’s a checkpoint known as Martyr’s Gate just past the Chinatown street. Once at the checkpoint, look to the right to find an old nail salon, and head into the backroom to find a holster you can pick up.


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