Curse of the Dead Gods – How to Get the Champion Weapons?


How to Get the Champion Weapons?

Champion Weapons have a slight chance to drop by Champions as long as you beat them while fulfilling different conditions. See the table below to know how to get them:



ChampionWeapon – Condition

Xak’olchir – “Bloodstake”, Hunter’s Torment – Kill him only after killing all his Jaguars.


Wicked Twins – “Moonblade”, Night’s Sword / “Cataclysm” – Parry 3 of Nepac’s / Litz’s hits.


Kax’taca – ”Effulgence”, Harbinger of Yaatz – You need to inflict the fatal blow to K’ax Taca while he is attacking with his laser/lightning beam.


Malok paal – “Sunderer”, Fist of Doom – You need to perform 5 perfect dodges when he dashes.


Xucat – “K’etyaam yaan”, Witch’s Crook – Xucat has to be beaten while on Fire.


Ratyapu – “Disembowler”, Dread Claw – Ratyapu has to be beaten while on Weakened.


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