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Curse of the Dead Gods – Secret Trophies Guide

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Secret Trophies

Deception [Hidden]

Defeat Clovis Pardieux, Champion of Death


Clovis Pardieux is the Final Boss of the Normal Exploration mode. To get to him, not only you have to have completed all previous three temples, but go through a whole new level before even being able to challenge him.


You can click on the following link to be directed to a section containing strategy tips on how to confront him.



Deliverance [Hidden]

Become the new Champion of Death


To unlock this trophy you need to complete both the Normal and Hard Exploration Modes.



Mastery [Hidden]

Get 3 successful Parries in less than 2 seconds


This is best achievable against multi-hit Enemy attacks, like spins and the like. And, well, good luck at it, because it’ll solely rely on your correct timing.


Personally, I did against the cursed Twins, more precisely with Nepac the Dark sister. She has a slash attack that does four consecutive hits. So equip a shield with an automatic parry, do your best to parry her attacks, and hope that the shield will trigger if you miss one.



Power [Hidden]

Equip a hidden Champion Weapon


Champion Weapons have a slight chance to drop by Champions as long as you beat them while fulfilling different conditions. See the table below to know how to get them:


ChampionWeapon – Condition

Xak’olchir – “Bloodstake”, Hunter’s Torment – Kill him only after killing all his Jaguars.


Wicked Twins – “Moonblade”, Night’s Sword / “Cataclysm” – Parry 3 of Nepac’s / Litz’s hits.


Kax’taca – ”Effulgence”, Harbinger of Yaatz – You need to inflict the fatal blow to K’ax Taca while he is attacking with his laser/lightning beam.


Malok paal – “Sunderer”, Fist of Doom – You need to perform 5 perfect dodges when he dashes.


Xucat – “K’etyaam yaan”, Witch’s Crook – Xucat has to be beaten while on Fire.


Ratyapu – “Disembowler”, Dread Claw – Ratyapu has to be beaten while on Weakened.



Temptation [Hidden]

Equip all three Weapons slots with Cursed Weapons


The Weapons that we’ve highlighted in our Weapons List are the Cursed Weapons – very special weapons that are pretty rare. Luckily, once you’ve found them at least once, you’ll be able to unlock them through the Forsaken Weaponry shop, which will make it more likely for them to appear. Then, it’s just a matter of being very lucky and finding a Weapon that fits each Weapon Class in the same run and being able to equip them all too, nonetheless. Good luck!


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