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Lightmatter – Secret Achievements & Trophies Guide

Lightmatter - Secret Achievements & Trophies Guide

There are 13 Secret Achievements & Trophies.



Secret Achievements & Trophies

I said no photographs!

When you are in the laboratory (it seems you get there at level 24), then take a screenshot anywhere. Contrary to the fact that Virgil asked you not to photograph anything.



Yippee ki-yay

You are interested in level 22. When the elevator breaks, jump into the shaft and move forward through the illuminated ventilation. There will be a shadow ahead, and you will need to turn left. But do not rush. Next to the shadow in front is a Zippo lighter. Just come and look at it.




You are interested in level 27. At the very beginning, there is a source and two connectors. Take the farthest to the very end. Please note that there is a bucket here. Just kick it.



Record of six

You are interested in a disinfector at level 9 (a device that moves left and right). If you spend a long time next to disinfector, then Virgil will report that the workers organized a competition. Who will have time to run past the disinfector more than once before it slams? Record – 6 times. So you need to run back and forth 7 times.



Burger Friday

Go to level 28. When you complete a puzzle with a moving platform and two spotlights, you can jump over a cliff. There is a radio to the left of the table. Come closer. This is Still Ailve from game Portal. But you need to look for a few seconds at the hamburger lying on the table.



Damn fine cup of coffee

At level 22, you need to spend some time in the office of James. The office is a small room a little further than the elevator you are trying to call. It is enough to stand for about 1 minute.



The cake is alive

Go to level 20. There is a piece of cake in front of the lift platform. Look at it for a few seconds.



Vashta Nerada

You are interested in level 20. Lower the first spotlight down, highlight the second and install it on the lift. Illuminate the button to raise the lift with the second spotlight. Take it and direct it to the left, to the far left corner, behind the refrigerator. Go there and in the corner you will find a covered object. A ham should roll on the floor. If you don’t get the achievement, enter the shadow in the corner.



Photon Fun Hour

At level 27 at the very beginning, stand up and do nothing. Wait about 12 minutes, and then grab the photon connector and go. You must get an achievement.



Schrödinger’s cat

Interact with the vending machine located on the left side at the beginning of level 24. But you need to re-pass level 23 that the button will work. By clicking on the button of the vending machine, you will open and close the door through which they came here. Keep doing this. You will hear the cat meow. At some time, when the door opens, behind it you will see a cat corner and the cat himself. Just go to him.



Staring contest

Look at the first surveillance camera for 40 seconds. On the first level.



Found Lux!

At level 22, when you solve the puzzle with moving platforms, look under it – before you climb the dilapidated staircase. There is a stepladder to the right. You find a cat under it. Interact with cat.




Secret ending. To get it, at the last level, just do nothing. Even after the woman tells you to re-enable the CORE. You have to wait 21 minutes. That is how many DAYS a person can live without food (according to Virgil).


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