GemCraft - Frostborn Wrath - Secret Achievements Guide - MGW

GemCraft – Frostborn Wrath – Secret Achievements Guide

GemCraft - Frostborn Wrath - Secret Achievements Guide

Most of the achievements in the game are self-explanatory. There are a number of achievements (mostly references to other games or media) that don’t clearly state their requirements; these will be listed here. These achievements all have a green text in the achievements menu, but there are also a few achievements with a green text that are self-explanatory, which will therefore not be listed.



Ful Ir

Blast like a fireball

Kill 15 monsters with one gem bomb.



I Never Asked For This

All my aug points spent

Complete a level with 0 unspent skill points (i.e. all points spent).



Green Eyed Ninja

Entering the wilderness

Enter field N3.



Oh Ven

Spread the poison

Have every monster on the battlefield poisoned at once.




And it’s bloody too

Win a battle with only trap kills (not poison).



Splash Swim Splash

Full of oxygen

Fill your inventory with blue gems (any grade).



Hazardous materials

Put your HEV on first

Win a battle with only poison kills.



Going Deviant

Rook to a9

In field H1J, build a tower where the a9 tile would be on the chessboard (see below).


GemCraft - Frostborn Wrath - Secret Achievements Guide



Hope has fallen

Dismantled bunkhouses

In field T4, destroy all 8 dwellings.



We Just Wanna Be Free

More than blue triangles

In field K3 endurance, break open all 3 sealed g2 blue gems.



Uraj and Khalis

Activate the lanterns

In field J2T, free both sealed gems (call waves early for mana) and place them in the lanterns next to the shrine (see screenshot below).


GemCraft - Frostborn Wrath - Secret Achievements Guide




Break your frozen time gem bombing limits

I’m not sure of the exact criteria, I assume it is for throwing a whole lot of gem bombs while the game is paused. If you know how many exactly please let me know.



Deckard Would Be Proud

All I could get for a prismatic amulet

Have a g12 gem of each color in your inventory.



Slime Block

Nine slimeballs is all it takes

Fill your inventory with 12 g12 green gems.


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