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Soda Dungeon 2 – Secret Achievements Guide

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Secret Achievements
  • Wet Floor – defeat the janitor.


Each dimension’s boss / dark lord can only be defeated once, after which you’ll find the janitor on that floor instead. If you’re AFK grinding, you may get this without actually seeing him.



  • Cleanup On Aisle 10,000 – secret achievement beat floor 10,000.



  • Crag Combo – secret achievement turns an enemy into stone and then pickaxe it.


Stone is the result of the ‘curse,’ the dark mage’s level 25 skill, and the pickaxe is the miner’s basic class skill, so first, you’ll need to get your dark mages to level 25. Afaik, miners don’t automatically use the pickaxe on cursed enemies (unlike ore), so you’ll either need to have a custom script or pull off this combo manually.


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