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Soda Dungeon 2 – Boss Fight Tips & Tricks

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D4: Need enough health to survive his attacks and Nurses to heal up to full before the next attack. If you don’t have the HP relic, this can be troublesome. Try using damage reduction gear and your strongest hp gear, remember you can upgrade armor and shields at the blacksmith. If you still can’t survive his attacks, you’re going to need to focus on increasing your own attacks until you can kill him before he kills off your team, and use dodge gear to try to avoid his attacks. Carpenters and Blade Masters hit pretty hard, >level25 Huntress debuff can help if you’re really stuck.


D6: This boss always attacks the left side until everyone on that side is dead. You need at least one person healthy enough to survive her attacks on the left side. You can do this by constantly defending on that side, or using damage reduction gear (and DM’s get some reduction from mastery, BM’s can hold double damage reduction swords). Dodge gear or defending on floor 599 can help you survive the first turn. Place a Nurse on the right side to heal the tank on the left, and profit.


D8: You must have enough HP to survive his lightning AoE, or if you deal enough damage he’ll start healing instead of doing the AoE. I did this with a Nurse and 5 Carpenters, took a few tries until he didn’t AoE on turn 1 or 2, after that he just healed


D9: Focus the grill! You must have enough HP and damage reduction to survive the damage done by the boss and the grill combined. Bring along 3-4 nurses to heal the team back to full each round, and your other 2-3 DPS can take him out easily.


D10: You’ll need to craft the quest item, or you can try your luck with Dodge Gear and Copper Bracelets crafted from the Blacksmith. Aside from the sleep mechanic, this is a fairly standard fight; heal and hurt.


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