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ArcheAge: Unchained – Daily Mentor/Mentee Dungeon Quests

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Daily Mentor/Mentee Dungeon Quests

These dailies are divided into Mentee and Mentor quests, with the mentor quests giving more Gilda stars on completion.


These daily quests are located outside the Burnt Castle and Sharpwind Mines on the Nuia continents and Palace Cellar and Hadir Farm on the Haryana continent. You will get a daily quest there depending on your character level from Lucius the bird. These quests need to be completed as a team, so bring at least one friend along with the appropriate level. The mentor gets three Gilda stars and the mentee gets a single Gilda star.



Level Requirements for the Daily Dungeon Quests


  • Sharpwind Mines and Palace Cellar: Mentor, level 30+ – Mentee, level 19-29


  • Burnt Castle and Hadir Farm: Mentor, level 40+ – Mentee level, 30-39


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